Moimuna Nursing Institute (MNI) is established in the village of Rahimanpur, District of Thakurgaon, Bangladesh, with the view to generate employment opportunities for the rural girls and provide health care services to the rural people in collaboration with Moimuna Mata-Shishu (mother & child) hospital. It has been approved by the Ministry of Health and Family Planning, Bangladesh, and accredited by the Bangladesh Council of Nursing and Midwifery.

In Bangladesh, economic growth and growing per capita income is fueling demand for quality health care services and consequently demand for qualified health workers, including nurses. In view of this, MNI was conceived to train the rural girls in Nursing Science and Midwifery to become qualified, highly skilled and capable nurses. Nurses trained by MNI will, therefore, enter a dynamic market and also contribute to help the country to meet the growing demand health care workers and nurses.

Beyond just producing highly qualified and capable nurses, the MNI programmer, in collaboration Mata-Shishu hospital, emphasizes holistic approach to nursing and health care. Beyond just knowledge and practical skills, the curriculum emphasizes participation is sports, professionalism, integrity, and compassion as fundamental values that are ingrained in all trainees and hospital staff. By placing equal emphasis on technical knowledge, practical skills, and the development of character and values through vocational and physical training, MNI seeks not only to produce competent nurses, but raise the standards and expectations of health workers across the country.

MNI takes pride in highly qualified and dedicated faculty, excellent infrastructure, facilities, laboratory, library and own hospital to impart high quality professional education to young and aspiring students. Equipped with global standard facilities and teaching aids, employing a highly experienced and well trained staff, and taking an innovative approach to training focused on interactive methodology, MNI ensures that students leave with a world class education and motivation to provide dedicated health care services.

MNI is in the process of establishing partnership with reputed national and international nursing institutions for collaborative technical assistance.