Scholarships Offered

Process of or Providing financial Support from the Scholarship Fund

Moimuna Nursing Institute (MNI) provides need based and merit based scholarships.

1. Need based scholarships:

a. Students seeking need based scholarship will be required to submit an application, using MNI application form for scholarship (available on the web).

b. All information provided by the student will be verified by an independent person, appointed by the Institute. He/she, after ascertaining that all information provided by the student is correct will forward the application to the management of MNI along with his/her assessment of the financial situation of the applicant.

c. Institute’s Management, under the leadership of the Principal, will review and validate the application in consultation with local government authorities of the area of residence of the student. Based on these findings and assessments it will:

(i) share the validated application with the persons expressing interest to sponsor one or two specific students;

(ii) make recommendation to the Board of Trustees of the Scholarship Fund

d. The Board of Trustees will make the final decision regarding the number of students and amount of scholarship to be awarded to each student who has not found a direct sponsor, taking into consideration the recommendations of management.

2. Merit based Scholarship:

After completion of the academic year, the top three performers in the exams for promotion to 2nd and 3rd years will be awarded Scholarship for one year. The amount given is to be decided by the Board of Trustees. In case a student receiving need based full scholarship makes the merit list, the scholarship will be awarded to the next ranking student.

3. Overall Performance Scholarship:

Three overall performance scholarships will be awarded annually to those students who will achieve the highest weighted points from three activities (i) academic (ii) practical performance in taking care of patients; (iii) extra-curricular, i.e. sports, athletics, cultural, etc.